The Mully makes television debut

MS Towels LLC, a manufacture of performance towels, launched a new sports towel that focuses on todays fisherman at all levels. The Mully Towel was featured on the popular G3 Sportsman show which runs on the Sportsman Channel, (FSN) Fox Sports and Sports South. The first show aired on April 24, 2013 at 7 pm (CST). Scott Turnage, host of G3 Sportman, used The Mully as he fished for striper at Beaver Lake in Northwest Arkansas with guide Joe Farkas. The Mully Towel is for the total sportsman. Fishing Enthusiasts will agree the The Mully Towel is the most efficient and practical item you can have while fishing. No more searching for your towel to clean or dry your hands! No more worries about your towel blowing out of the boat! Darrin Hein, Director of The Mully Towel, Fishing Division, states it the best, “Its always with you!”

The Mully is cleaning up for golfers everywhere

“The 2013 PGA Merchandising show proved to be another strong strategic move for us and a great step forward for MS Towels” proclaims company president Jeff Mullen. “We had a very strong show that yielded thousands of sold Mully’s, we strengthened our distribution channel across the US and added several more partners outside of the USA with sales in Canada, Italy, Japan, Denmark, Switzerland and the Dominican Republic “.
Darrin Hein, Director of the fishing towel division adds “Our success continues to be based on three guiding principles; deliver the highest of quality products to the market, keep razor sharp focus on what our customers are asking for and evolve the product line accordingly and support our distributors in every way possible. We did all three at the PGA Merchandising show with the release of our multiple color line and the upcoming release of both of our new fishing towels”.

The Mully goes “Back in Black” to the 2013 PGA Show

The Mully returns to the 2013 PGA show for the 2nd consecutive year. “We are excited about the show,” said Jeff Mullen, President of MS Towels, “Last years show was an amazing opportunity for us and we were fortunate enough to partner with many retailers and wholesalers within the USA and international markets. This year we plan to continue that momentum.”

“Our concept and vision remain the same; don’t play dirty.” Said Matt Mullen, VP of sales. “The Mully is simply one of the most practical towels on the market. Why carry your large towel everywhere you go? We’re not replacing your bag towel, just complementing it. Most pocket towels are designed to specifically clean balls and are easily lost or left behind on the cart, besides, have you ever put a wet towel in your pocket? The outcome is never good! With The Mully, you always have a towel handy when you need one and it’s the perfect size for cleaning all your equipment or just wiping your hands off.”

During the show MS Towels will sport some new colors, black, green, royal and red, as well as a new manufacturing stamp, Made in the USA. “We are very excited about this, said Jeff, in a struggling economy were proud to put made in America on our products, something a majority of US companies today can not claim.”

Made in the USA

“Made in the USA” is a concept that’s become rarely recognized. Today MS Towels announced a transition period to move manufacturing and assembly into the USA. President and founder, Jeff Mullen, says “Its time to make a change, and people want “Made in the U.S.A products.”

Our manufacturing initiated in China through an international sourcing company headquartered in New York. “At the time, China seemed like the most reasonable fit for The Mully, said Jeff, but with a struggling US economy, we decided to bring some business back home, hoping to make some kind of impact.”

According to Time Business  “Since China has so many, low-wage laborers, there is no way high-wage America can possibly compete in products that require teams of workers to manufacture, like toys, apparel, consumer electronics, and a lot of other stuff.

“We feel great about the manufacturing change and extremely proud to put the “Made in the USA” stamp on our products. Not only do we have more control over-seeing quality & timely production, it’s also opened up some unique opportunities to expand our product line and put a few Americans back to work.”

The Ottawa Citizen posts "Inspecting gadgets for the golfer"

Ever wondered what to get the golfer who has everything or nearly that much? Sometimes you run across a new product that’s so practical it just makes sense. Part of a large group that made spring golf trip to Myrtle Beach, three brothers were tired of keeping up, carrying, and leaving behind large golf towels in power carts or dropping them on the wet turf, so they attached a perfectly size towel to a modified retractable cord that clip onto the belt. As of the Orlando show it could not be distributed into Canada because the packaging was not bilingual. The Mully is available on line and can be customized to your liking.

The Mully expands sales outside the USA

“The PGA show was used as a platform to launch The Mully.” said Jeff, President and CEO of MS Towels, LLC. “What better place to showcase a new product than the largest trade show for golf?”  “Frankly, we were blown away at the response and were looking forward to making The Mully a globally recognized brand.”

The Mully was an immediate hit and MS Towels was fortunate to partner with companies across from all around. “ We currently have partners pushing sales in the US, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Asian & South Korean markets” says Rick Mullen, VP of Client Services “and we are in negotiations with over a dozen other countries to include our Canadian neighbor.

The Mully featured on Weekend Golf Warrior

Look for “the Mully!” As I was walking through the labyrinth of products this thing just jumped out at me.  Brothers Jeff, Rick, and Matt Mullen and their pal Darrin say “Don’t Play Dirty!” They have, within the past month, fine-tuned a terrific product and managed to debut it at this year’s PGA Merchandise Show.  The product – the Mully – is a small golf towel attached to a thin retractable cable that you can attach to your belt.  You merely reach back for it, pull it forward, wipe off your club and let go.  It retracts back into position and away you go onto the next thing.  What a simple yet elegant idea for golfers.

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New sports towel ideal for golfers who “Don’t Play Dirty”

A unique, new product will allow golfers to carry a towel with them throughout their entire round without it ever getting in their way or losing it on the course.

The Mully debuted at the 59th PGA Merchandise Show, in January 2012 in Orlando Florida. The patent pending retractable towel with attached ball marker quick-clips conveniently onto your belt loop via a retractable pull cord. It is sized to be large enough to clean your equipment between shots but small enough to stay out of your way during your swing.

“Our concept is simple,” says Jeff Mullen, President and CEO of MS Towels, LLC. “Don’t play dirty. Golf is a game of precision and concentration. The Mully allows you to stay focused on your game by always having it on hand.”

Unlike large, traditional golf towels designed to attach to a golfer’s bag, The Mully hangs on your hip. “You won’t even know it’s there, until you need it. And then you’ll be glad you have it, instead of trekking back to your cart or using someone else’s towel because you lost yours five holes back,” commented Vice President, Rick Mullen.

The Mully will be available through retail and wholesale channels and can be customized to allow co-branded logo placement.