The Ottawa Citizen posts "Inspecting gadgets for the golfer"

Ever wondered what to get the golfer who has everything or nearly that much? Sometimes you run across a new product that’s so practical it just makes sense. Part of a large group that made spring golf trip to Myrtle Beach, three brothers were tired of keeping up, carrying, and leaving behind large golf towels in power carts or dropping them on the wet turf, so they attached a perfectly size towel to a modified retractable cord that clip onto the belt. As of the Orlando show it could not be distributed into Canada because the packaging was not bilingual. The Mully is available on line and can be customized to your liking.

The Mully featured on Weekend Golf Warrior

Look for “the Mully!” As I was walking through the labyrinth of products this thing just jumped out at me.  Brothers Jeff, Rick, and Matt Mullen and their pal Darrin say “Don’t Play Dirty!” They have, within the past month, fine-tuned a terrific product and managed to debut it at this year’s PGA Merchandise Show.  The product – the Mully – is a small golf towel attached to a thin retractable cable that you can attach to your belt.  You merely reach back for it, pull it forward, wipe off your club and let go.  It retracts back into position and away you go onto the next thing.  What a simple yet elegant idea for golfers.

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