Made in the USA

“Made in the USA” is a concept that’s become rarely recognized. Today MS Towels announced a transition period to move manufacturing and assembly into the USA. President and founder, Jeff Mullen, says “Its time to make a change, and people want “Made in the U.S.A products.”

Our manufacturing initiated in China through an international sourcing company headquartered in New York. “At the time, China seemed like the most reasonable fit for The Mully, said Jeff, but with a struggling US economy, we decided to bring some business back home, hoping to make some kind of impact.”

According to Time Business  “Since China has so many, low-wage laborers, there is no way high-wage America can possibly compete in products that require teams of workers to manufacture, like toys, apparel, consumer electronics, and a lot of other stuff.

“We feel great about the manufacturing change and extremely proud to put the “Made in the USA” stamp on our products. Not only do we have more control over-seeing quality & timely production, it’s also opened up some unique opportunities to expand our product line and put a few Americans back to work.”