The Mully goes “Back in Black” to the 2013 PGA Show

The Mully returns to the 2013 PGA show for the 2nd consecutive year. “We are excited about the show,” said Jeff Mullen, President of MS Towels, “Last years show was an amazing opportunity for us and we were fortunate enough to partner with many retailers and wholesalers within the USA and international markets. This year we plan to continue that momentum.”

“Our concept and vision remain the same; don’t play dirty.” Said Matt Mullen, VP of sales. “The Mully is simply one of the most practical towels on the market. Why carry your large towel everywhere you go? We’re not replacing your bag towel, just complementing it. Most pocket towels are designed to specifically clean balls and are easily lost or left behind on the cart, besides, have you ever put a wet towel in your pocket? The outcome is never good! With The Mully, you always have a towel handy when you need one and it’s the perfect size for cleaning all your equipment or just wiping your hands off.”

During the show MS Towels will sport some new colors, black, green, royal and red, as well as a new manufacturing stamp, Made in the USA. “We are very excited about this, said Jeff, in a struggling economy were proud to put made in America on our products, something a majority of US companies today can not claim.”